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5 Creamy & Luscious Avocado Desserts

By Tamara Palmer
May 10, 2021
Photo Credit: Feel Good Foodie

We’re just going to say it: You’re probably not harnessing the full potential of your avocados. For starters, did you know you could be using the pit to make super-creamy smoothies? Or that avocado has powerful potential as a dessert ingredient? Its smooth texture adds a creamy lusciousness to ice creams, cakes, pies, and puddings. While it’s lovely enough to shine as its own dessert flavor, it also has the ability to fade into the background. You know, so you won’t feel like you want to dip tortilla chips into your avocado dessert.

Ned proof? Try any one of these avocado dessert recipes. We guarantee you’ll find a new healthier sweet staple.

1. Avocado Chocolate Mousse from Feel Good Foodie

Avocado and chocolate are a natural pairing in which chocolate brings the chocolate (duh!) and avocado brings the creaminess. We love that this recipe uses just a handful of ingredients and is free of refined sugars.

Chocolate raspberry truffles

Photo Credit: Whole Food Bellies

2. Chocolate Raspberry Truffles from Whole Food Bellies

In case you need more proof that chocolate and avocado are made for each other, we give you this decadent dessert recipe. Not a fan of raspberries? Swap the raspberries for cherries, pomegranate, blueberries or any mix of berries.

Avocado ice candy

Photo Credit: Healthy World Cuisine

3. Avocado Ice Candy from Healthy World Cuisine

Ice candy isn’t crunchy, if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s actually a soft frozen dessert that’s popular in the Philippines and usually eaten like an ice pop. And all you need to make your own are three ingredients: avocado, your preferred milk, and a sweetener of choice.

Energizing chocolate smoothie

Photo Credit: Cooktoria

4. Super Energizing Chocolate Smoothie from Cooktoria

Here’s an idea we can get behind: an energy boost that impersonates a chocolate milkshake. Just half an avocado, one banana and a handful of other ingredients yield two smoothies.

avocado muffins

Photo Credit: Delightful Mom Food

5. Healthy Carrot Muffins with Avocado, Banana and Oat by Delightful Mom Food

Avocado gives these low-sugar, gluten-free muffins “moisture and fluff.” Plus, if you’re baking for kids who don’t like veggies, there won’t be any identifying chunks of concern.

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