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The One Thing Your Work-from-Home Office Needs This Winter

December 28, 2020
Photo Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

When I first moved to the Northeast, the dry air was a shock. After suffering from dry nasal passages and a scratchy throat that kept me up at night, I decided to invest in a fancy humidifier for my apartment.

Unfortunately, like many, many people who have come before me, I didn’t end up using it. First of all, it was big — and ugly! And even though I should care more about my health than aesthetics, no one wants something so unseemly cluttering up their space.

It was also a huge pain to refill. The attachment that held the water was bulky and the hole to pour the water through was so small, I’d get water everywhere every time I had to refill it (which, by the way, was every few hours in the winter months.) And don’t even get me started on cleaning it.

All in all, it was WAY more trouble than it was worth!


Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier, $39

That’s why I was so thrilled to find Hey Dewy, a portable humidifier that uses ultrasonic wave technology to produce a quiet, efficient mist. It’s incredibly easy to fill up, will run continuously for 10 hours, and it’s so small and unobtrusive, it can fit pretty much anywhere. I like to put Hey Dewy by my bed at night and next to my computer during the day at work. It even fits in most car cup holders.

Most importantly, Hey Dewy works: I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my nighttime dry cough and dry, painful sinuses.

Why You Might Need a Humidifier, Too

When humidity drops to as low as 20% in the fall and winter months, it can throw our bodies for a loop. Low humidity can lead to dry, itchy, peeling skin and exacerbate skin conditions like eczema. It can also lead to dry nasal passages, which can be itchy, painful, and even bleed. And you may have noticed that your throat feels sore and scratchy in the colder months. Well, that’s thanks to the drastic drop in humidity, too.

All this drying out of your throat and nasal passages is more than just uncomfortable; it can create the perfect opportunity for germs and pathogens to enter the body. Studies have shown that when the membranes in your body get dry, it hinders their ability to filter out viruses and bacteria, which means they end up on a direct path to the bloodstream.

Dry air can also allow viruses to spread more easily through the air because there is less water to interfere with their movement. In fact, one study even showed that good ventilation and more humidity indoors rendered the influenza A virus inactive.

Bottom line: In normal times, a humidifier is a good idea. In these work-from-home, coronavirus times? It may be the most practical gift you can give yourself.

Buy It: Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier, $39

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