Sugar High

In Fed Up, Katie Couric details the unsweet truth about the nation's dangerous sugar addiction

This is your brain on ... sugar.

July 6, 2017

In a galaxy far, far away … a nation of people is in crisis … its citizens are all addicted to a potentially toxic substance, and an epidemic is sweeping the nation.

Oh wait. Scratch that. We’re talking about the United States.

And that scary substance? It’s not a hard drug; rather it’s sugar, a major contributor to our country’s ginormous obesity problem.

Fed Up documentary
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These revelations are nothing new for those concerned with health, but that shouldn’t preclude a single American from going to go see the new movie Fed Up . Now open nationwide, it will continue to roll out in both English-and Spanish-language versions in theaters around the country through June.Laurie David, the producer of An Inconvenient Truth is back again, and this time she has brought on Katie Couric for sheer star wattage and narration.

The movie intermingles the intimate personal stories of obese teenagers and interviews with experts on why Big Food (often aided and abetted by the U.S. Government) is making us sick.

Don’t get scared off: The movie is an enlightening and entertaining watch that could move you to action. We came away learning that sugar doesn’t go by a handful of names, but by a full 56, which has us playing “spot the hidden sugar” in our own kitchens.

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