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The Clean Plates Special: Kale with Chef John Marsh

October 3, 2012
An interview and delicious kale recipe from Chef John Marsh. (Photo: woodleywonderworks)

This latest installment in the Clean Plates series features kale, that darling of the health conscious crowd and today’s most fashionable cruciferous vegetable. This hearty nutritional powerhouse is a member of the cabbage family and rich in vitamins A and C, plus an excellent source of iron, calcium and folic acid. The word comes from the Scottish “kail”; in the Middle Ages it was such a staple crop that the Scots referred to ringing “kail bells” at dinnertime and used the term “kail” interchangeably with “supper.”

We spoke with chef John Marsh, who’s also a holistic lifestyle coach, and whose popular GreenSquare Tavern restaurant offered a farm-to-table menu long before it was de rigueur. His fresh, beautiful and seasonal plates celebrate the best of local produce; he dishes about cultivating 17-year relationships with farmers, how the West Coast is ahead of the culinary curve and using kale in desserts.

Want more? Read the entire interview and get the recipe for GreenSquare Tavern’s Fall Kale Salad by clicking here.

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