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Hunnybon’s Healthy Candy Store

March 24, 2016
Hunnybon's packaging is cute, but what's really special is the better-for-you candy inside.

Kimberly Silver always had a sweet tooth.

But a degree from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a career in health counseling didn’t exactly jibe with candies filled with junky ingredients, forcing her to temporarily give up the sweet stuff cold-turkey—then she discovered she could indulge her sweet tooth and eat well, too, with healthy candy, or at least, healthier…

“While counseling clients towards healthy eating and searching for better sweet alternatives, I began to find amazing products that were all organic, made with clean ingredients and better sweeteners, vegan and produced sustainably,” Silver told us.

Vegan gummy candy from Hunnybon

Hunnybon’s candies are free of junky ingredients but full of flavor.

These discoveries led her to set up a modern-day candy shop online. Hunnybon is the confectionary of our (unrefined) sugarcoated dreams, now offering same-day delivery in NYC and shipping nationwide.

Hunnybon is one-stop-shopping for all that’s good in the world of sweets. Silver sources and curates a selection of candies that are vegan and free from refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, trans-fats, artificial colors, flavors and additives. Those with special diets can even search for sugar-free, soy-free, kosher, Paleo and gluten-free treats within her selection.

Silver’s favorite, the strawberry superfruit chews ($6.79 for 2.75 oz.), have no added sugar, are coated in coconut oil and filled with pulp from the superfruit baobab.

A recent adorably packaged delivery to our office had us indulging in crunchy quinoa clusters ($6.89 for 2.5 oz.) and hemp truffles dusted with a coating of extra-dark cocoa powder ($6.59 for 2.63 oz.).

This year let the Easter Bunny come by bike: A local Hunnybon delivery is made extra sweet by Silver’s street team of dedicated bike messengers, who deliver the goods without generating carbon emissions (and with free samples always included).


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