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Author Gabrielle Bernstein Answers The Clean Plates 5

March 5, 2012
Gabby Bernstein speaks about foods she always eats, her favorite restaurant, and inspiring others to make healthier foods choices. (Photo by: Gabrielle Bernstein)

Today author, motivational speaker and life coach Gabrielle Bernstein joins us to answer the Clean Plates 5. Bernstein, or “Gabby” as she’s known to her fans, is the author of Add More ~ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness and Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-love and Miracles. She recently launched an All Access Club, whose members get exclusive access to audio/video lectures, meditations and other content — learn more about the club, and get a 20 percent discount off a 1-year membership, here.

1) Name something healthy that’s always in your fridge.
Kale is always in my fridge—(it’s) a real go-to for lunch, dinner or a mid-day green smoothie.

2) What’s something healthy that’s NEVER in your fridge?
Nutritional yeast. A lot of my friends put this on their salad. I’ve yet to try it out.

3) What’s the best restaurant experience you’ve had in the past six months?
I am a Souen junkie—I eat at Souen East Village at least twice a week. Whether I order in, or go on a Gabby date with myself, Souen is my go-to meal. I love the cold yuba and the dumpling soup. Souen is an awesome macrobiotic restaurant that has three locations in downtown Manhattan.

4) Imagine that to celebrate the launch of your All Access Club, you could have any meal you wanted, prepared by anyone in the world. Describe that meal, and tell us who you’d choose as your chef and why.
I would LOVE a meal prepared by the chef at Pure Food and Wine. I’m obsessed with their raw lasagna and their raw mint sundae.

5) Who or what inspires you to make healthier food choices?
As a spiritual student I am always tuning inward for guidance. As I’ve grown spiritually I’ve become more health conscious. I believe my inner guidance system has led me to strengthen my body through food, vitamins and loving thoughts. My greatest inspiration for health comes from my internal teacher.

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Good food
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Good food brings people together.
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