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Sustainable Fishmongers

May 12, 2016
Michael Cimarusti is stocking his new shop with super-fresh, sustainable seafood. (Photo: Pornchai Mittongtare)

If you love to cook clean seafood at home, you already know that something fishy is going on in the seafood department at many grocery stores. Farmed fish may be raised with antibiotics and chemicals, while wild-caught fish may be sourced from depleted species or in ways that harm other sea life. That’s why sustainable fish is always the way to go.

Which is why we’re ecstatic that Michael Cimarusti—the celebrated Providence chef and sustainable seafood advocate—has waded into new waters. At his recently opened Fairfax retail shop Cape Seafood, all of the finfish is wild-caught, the shellfish is either wild-caught or sustainably farmed and everything is sourced seasonally in accordance with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch recommendations.

Cape Seafood's counter

Cape Seafood is stocked with wild-caught and sustainably farmed fish. (Photo: Meghan Patke)

In the shop’s glass case, large whole fish like John Dory and tai snapper share space with pristine fillets like Columbia River king salmon, Pacific halibut and Atlantic striped bass. The shop is also invested in stocking under-appreciated species of fish like thornyhead (a California rockfish). Additionally, there’s a wide selection of shellfish, from meaty Bouchot mussels to a range of oysters (shucked upon request).

In the prepared foods section, you can pick up noshes like Connie & Ted’s crab cakes and chunky tuna salad studded with capers and cornichons. A small, rotating menu of to-go meals includes choices like the juicy lobster roll and delightful fennel-orange salad topped with smoked-in-house scallops.

Raid the larder before you leave for everything you need to make an outstanding seafood meal at home, including a selection of house-made sauces and stocks and much more.

Need cooking tips? You just might encounter Cimarusti there, offering them himself.

Cape Seafood
801 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles
(323) 556-2525

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