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7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Take 15 Minutes or Less

October 30, 2023

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, as it provides your body and brain the fuel needed to tackle the day. But that doesn’t mean you want to spend a lot of time on it! Many people have no interest in adding breakfast-making to their daily list of chores, and that can lead to less healthful choices like grabbing a bar on your way out of the house or stopping for a high-sugar smoothie. That’s why having a few healthy breakfast ideas that are quick and easy can be crucial when you’re in a time crunch.

Fortunately, it’s possible to bridge the gap between a healthy breakfast and a fast one. Ahead, you’ll find recipes for everything from smoothies to avocado toast, all of which take 15 minutes of prep time or less. You can start your day in a healthful manner, with plenty of time to spare thanks to these healthy breakfast ideas!

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1. Everything Avocado Toast

everything avocado toast on a plate


Serve two people with this five-minute avocado toast, which employs Everything Bagel seasoning mix to give lots of breakfast-y flavor. We love that in lieu of bread, you can use a sprouted grain bowl; that’s an excellent way to get lots of whole grain goodness without any processing required. The scallion adds a great bite but could be subbed out for a fresh herb if raw spring onions are a challenge for you.

Try our recipe on Clean Plates.

2. Matcha Oat Crepes

matcha crepes with raspberries and blackberries

Courtesy of Living Minnaly

Oat flour is a high-fiber food made by grinding oats and makes for an excellent gluten-free flour alternative. In these crepes, it’s combined with antioxidant-rich matcha green tea powder, which imparts an earthy, grassy taste along with vibrant green color. The crepes cook on the stove for less than a minute total, meaning you’ll have a batch of them whipped up in no time. Fill them with fresh berries, stone fruit, and a dollop of Greek yogurt for extra protein.

Try the recipe from Living Minnaly.

3. Green Goodness Acai Bowl

woman holding breakfast smoothie bowl with fruit and almonds


If two cups of raw greens sound like more than your tastebuds can handle, you’ll be amazed by how well they blend up in this acai bowl. The full banana offsets both the taste and texture of the spinach and kale, yielding a rich and creamy smoothie bowl that is fruity and filling. There’s no protein powder included in the recipe, but you can definitely add some to help keep you satiated throughout the morning; a plain or vanilla-flavored one would be perfect.

Try our recipe on Clean Plates.

4. No Bake PB&J Energy Bites

no bake peanut butter oat bites

Courtesy of Minimalist Baker

Spend just fifteen minutes whipping up a batch of these energy bites and then they’ll keep for an entire week in the fridge, or up to a month in the freezer. They’re an excellent grab-and-go alternative to a breakfast or snack bar, and since you’re making them you can control every ingredient that goes in. The flax and chia add protein and fiber, but have the hidden purpose of also being the binding agent: They’ll prevent these balls from falling apart, thanks to their adherent natures.

Try the recipe from Minimalist Baker.

5. Cinnamon Toast Breakfast Quinoa

breakfast quinoa bowl

Courtesy of Cookie and Kate

Ideal for any time you have leftover quinoa on hand, this cinnamon toast-flavored breakfast bowl could easily be doubled and reheated the next day. Swap out the quinoa for a different grain if you prefer, and shake things up by choosing different dried fruit each time you make it. Raisins, cranberries, and dried cherries would all be delicious! Cinnamon works to help stabilize blood sugar, so don’t stress about the small amount of maple syrup included in the recipe.

Try the recipe from Cookie and Kate.

6. Coconut Cream Smoothie

coconut cream smoothie


For those moments when you want a smoothie but you’re tired of the standard berries and bananas, this coconut cream smoothie will be a sip of fresh air. The rolled oats give it thickness and extra fiber to keep you full, while the full cup of nectarines offers just enough fruitiness that it doesn’t taste like straight coconut. If you’re concerned about the fat content of so much coconut milk, choose the light version instead; there will be nearly an entire day’s worth of fat in this one smoothie if you opt for the regular version.

Try our recipe on Clean Plates.

7. Breakfast Tostada

breakfast tostada on a plate with tomatoes egg beans and cheese


Sometimes a savory breakfast is more appealing than a sweet one. For those times, a tostada is a surprisingly fun option. This breakfast tostada features eggs and avocado for protein and fiber and has tons of leeway for you to choose precisely the toppings you want. Swap sour cream for Greek yogurt for extra protein, add last night’s roasted vegetables for even more fiber, or use refried black beans instead of pinto for their antioxidant anthocyanin. Bottled salsa or hot sauce is completely fine and will add a kick of heat.

Try the recipe from The Nourishing Home.

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