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7 Calcium-Rich Foods You Need In Your Diet

September 28, 2023

Calcium isn’t just about building strong bones – it also plays a crucial role in maintaining muscles, nerves, and hormones. However, many of us fall short on our daily calcium intake. If that’s you, feat not! Whether you’re a dairy lover, a plant-based eater, or somewhere in between, these calcium-rich foods give you that nutrient you need. Let’s dive into the world of calcium-rich foods that you can incorporate into your daily diet.

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1. Yogurt 

It’s well-known that this dairy darling that can help meet your calcium needs. A cup of whole milk yogurt comes in with about 20% of your daily calcium requirement, plus it brings along gut-loving probiotics.

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2. Cheese

board with different types of cheese


Cheese is another great source of calcium — especially parmesan, delivering about 26% of your daily calcium requirement in just a one little ounce! Sprinkle it over salads, pasta, or roasted vegetables for a burst of flavor and nutrition.

3. Kale

kale chips on a plate


For all our plant-powered pals, it’s time to crank up the volume with leafy greens like kale! One cup of raw kale provides about 10% of your daily calcium requirement. You can mix it into salads, bake it into chips, or sauté it as a side dish – the choice is yours.

4. Chia seeds

vanilla chia seed pudding with chocolate shavings and goji berries


Add chia seeds to your oatmeal, smoothies, and yogurt bowls for an extra calcium boost — we’re talking 18% of your daily calcium needs in just two tablespoons! They’ll also rich in omega-3s, fiber, and protein, too.

5. Tofu

cooked tofu in a bowl with vegetables and rice


Just half a cup of tofu knocks out about 20% of your daily requirement. Plus, tofu islike the chameleon of the food world; it takes on flavors like a pro. So, turn up the creativity and use it in savory or sweet dishes – your taste buds will thank you.

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6. Sardines

canned sardine toast on a plate


It’s time to start eating sardines. These tiny aquatic wonders bring a whopping 30% of your daily calcium needs in just one can! Sardines are also a great source of vitamin D, which is important for bone health, too.

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7. Figs

figs sliced on toast with spreadable cheese


Dried figs are nature’s healthy candy, packing around 13% of your daily calcium requirement in a half-cup serving. Besides calcium, they also offer dietary fiber, potassium, and a delightful natural sweetness. Enjoy them as a snack or use them to sweeten up your morning cereal or yogurt.

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