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Why a Daily Smoothie is More Ritual Than Routine For This Health Journalist

Gretchen Lidicker is a writer, researcher, and the author of the books CBD Oil Everyday Secrets and Magnesium Everyday Secrets. She has a degree in biology and a masters in physiology with a concentration in complementary and integrative medicine. She's been featured in the New York Times, Marie Claire, Forbes, and Travel & Leisure.
October 17, 2019

In the mornings you can find Liz Moody sipping on a green smoothie while checking her texts and emails. Moody — a journalist, podcast host, and best-selling cookbook author — is a jack of all trades; she’s constantly flying around the globe interviewing celebs, trying out new cuisines, and reporting on all the latest trends in wellness.

Her routine, location, and days are always changing, but the only thing that stays the same is the green smoothie in her hand. “My morning smoothie is my number one thing — and sometimes the only thing — I do daily for my health,” she says.

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How a Morning Rotuine Can Change the Course of the Day

How Moody starts her day is everything. She doesn’t look at her phone until after she’s done some sort of physical activity and then heads to the Vitamix to whip up one of her famous smoothies. Her mornings are so intentional because, in her words, “it helps set the tone for the day.” And when she kicks things off with a vegetable-filled drink that also tastes good, she’s both excited for breakfast and much more likely to eat well for the rest of the day. “Plus, even if the rest of the day goes completely awry, I’ve already eaten more vegetables than some people eat in a week,” she explains. And it’s true, only one in ten Americans get enough vegetables.

The trick to a satisfying green smoothie is getting the recipe correct. Hers are filled with greens — “Much more than most people would think to put in a smoothie,” she says — and some form of protein and healthy fat to keep her satiated. The prep takes less than minutes and the only cleanup involves running soapy water through the blender. And even then, she makes enough for two days worth to cut down on prep time. “I make four servings — one for me and my husband today and one for me and my husband tomorrow,” she says.

When they’re traveling, Moody and her husband will scour the internet for a good juice bar that uses organic ingredients. “They’re most likely to have green smoothies that use organic greens and have no added sugar, she says. They make that juice bar their morning destination and always try to start their day on the same, healthy note — no matter where they may be.

How To Do it: Rethink the boring “frozen berries and spinach” green smoothie. Try experimenting with herbs, citrus, and other unexpected ingredients. Start with Liz’s detox green smoothie recipe, here.


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