5 Ways to Chill Out When You Only Have 10 Minutes

Chill out in 10 minutes

April 20, 2020

By Beth Lipton

You could probably use an hour or two of relaxation time every day, right? Time for some leisurely self-care?

Yeah, well, over here in the real world, we feel lucky when we get 10 minutes of downtime. But the good news is, if you use the time strategically, 10 minutes is enough to take the edge off your stress. Here are some good ways to chill when the clock is ticking (hint: Scrolling social media isn’t on the list).

Do some yoga.

No, 10 minutes isn’t enough time to get to a studio for a full class—but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap some of the stress-relieving benefits.
Try it: 10-minute calm yoga practice

Take deep breaths.

Your mom probably told you to take deep breaths to calm down, and she was right (thanks, Mom). Don’t believe it? The Navy SEALs have their own deep-breathing technique. No matter how stressful your day is, we bet theirs is more so. So if they believe in deep-breathing, it’s worth a try.
Try it: Navy SEALs breathing techniques

Come to your senses.

Whether or not you meditate regularly, this guided exercise can help you center yourself and bring your awareness to the present, calming you down.
Try it: Come to Your Senses

Go for a walk.

Yes, even 10 minutes of brisk walking can help you chill out, research suggests. Plus, regular exercise also helps keep depression and anxiety at bay.
Try it: Add more walking to your day

Call a friend.

Having social support helps in two ways—it can relieve stress in the moment, and build your resilience to future stresses.
Try it: Reach out to your bestie, or someone you trust whom you haven’t spoken with in a while.

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