Starbucks is Releasing Its First Plant-Based Meat Sandwich

Plant-based breakfast sandwich

February 7, 2020

Finding a healthy meat alternative sandwich at a fast-food joint can be a struggle. Yet, because the demand for plant-protein options is high, in order to benefit the environment and our health, as well as to accommodate different diets and lifestyle choices many people are creating campaigns to ask fast-food chains to create new menu items to fill the void.

And it’s working! The latest big-time chain to hop on board? Starbucks.

Starbucks has just joined the movement with other fast-food chains to create their first ever plant-based meat alternative sandwich. So, you’ll soon be able to snag a new plant-based meat breakfast sandwich with your cup of coffee in the morning.

What sparked the change? College student Lana Weidgenant created a campaign on (which got about 20,000 people to sign in congruence!) to ask Starbucks to create a plant-based meat sandwich to satisfy her—and the generally public’s—needs.

She requested that Starbucks roll out a Beyond Meat breakfast sausage sandwich, an option that would be similar to Dunkin’ Donuts’ recent addition of the Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich, which can be found at a few locations in New York City as of now.

And the good news? They have agreed!

“Starbucks is finally catering to the tremendous plant-based trend and consumer demand with food options that are better for the planet, climate, and public health! ” said Weidgenant. “Times are changing and it is amazing to see Starbucks join the side of offering healthier, and more climate-friendly foods for all to enjoy. I know that as a college student who often stops at Starbucks for a coffee refill, I will enjoy these new options, as will the massive amounts of consumers interested in more environmentally-friendly food choices!”

The Trend is Huge

This new change isn’t out of the norm though—it’s becoming a real trend to start campaigns directed at increasing plant-based options on the market and at your favorite fast-food and fast-casual spots.

There are several ongoing petitions on for various restaurants and stores, like McDonald’s, Five Guys, Costco, and more, where people are calling for plant-based items to better satisfy their dietary needs and offer convenience.

In fact, earlier this week KFC announced a partnership with Beyond Meat, where they will begin to offer plant-based chicken at many restaurants in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky, for starters.

“This is one of the biggest trends in food activism online that we’ve seen. Starbucks may be the latest victory for folks who want to see more fast-food restaurants offer plant-based menu items, but it won’t be the last. This kind of online activism is now contagious, and for good reason. There’s a marketplace of people looking for plant-based alternatives at their favorite food joints, and they’re showing real people power by signing petitions and making sure national food chains feel significant pressure to expand their menus,” said Michael Jones, Managing Director of Campaigns at