5 Artisan Food Trends for 2018

Food trends

January 30, 2018

By Eileen Gordon

What are the food trends we can expect in 2018? It seems like a simple question. But actually, it depends on your perspective. There’s no shortage of restaurant trend predictions and gimmicks—but our focus at Barnraiser is on artisan producers making healthy products. Looking through that lens at the hottest trends, we couldn’t be more excited about 2018.

Here’s what you can look forward to eating and drinking this year.

1. Small-Batch Stars

Sonoma hot sauce

Now is a great time to think small, in terms of food makers. It’s never been more important to know where your food came from, what’s in it and who created it. Plus, smaller purveyors are doing some of the most interesting and most sustainable producing in the food world.

Whether you’re in the market for a vegan, fermented condiment, you’re looking for artisans who are focused on reducing food waste, you made a resolution to eat more ethnic foods, or something else entirely, you’ll have good choices this year.

2. Super-Charged Beverages
The list of superfoods you have to have every day just seems to keep growing, and who knows what to do with all of them? Good news: Now you can drink this problem away in seconds.

Add trendy turmeric to your water, sweeten up your day with a dairy-, soy-, gluten-, preservative-free chocolate drink, or skip the line at the juice bar and grab a super-convenient no-sugar-added smoothie-in-a-pouch. Or, if you do have time for a break, skip the coffee and grab a nutrient-rich matcha.

3. Ancient Grains in the Morning
Ancient grains like quinoa, farro, barley and spelt have been enjoying a renaissance for a while now in bowl form, but why not start your day with these mineral- and fiber-rich foods?

We recommend Seven Sundays and Purely Elizabeth, which bake ancient grains into muffins, or whip up a batch of Ancient Harvest’s quinoa and add it to these blueberry pancakes.

4. Mushrooms Everywhere
Super Mario eating all those mushrooms suddenly makes a lot of sense. While the red-trousered hero preferred them raw, you’ll find the fungus in more foods (and drinks) than ever before.

Take Mushroom Jerky on your next hike. Sip Four Sigmatic mushroom-infused coffee, cocoa or matcha. Or, if you like a cold beverage, try REBBL’s Reishi Cold Brew or Chocolate drinks.

But perhaps the most Mario-like product of all is the chocolate bars from Freaky Health Chocolate that incorporate reishi and chaga. Power up.

5. Bone Broth Goes Mainstream
Traditionally a winter favorite, this health wonder is becoming a year-round must-have.

A few of bone broth’s benefits include boosting your immune system, helping you sleep better and repairing your joints.

Of course, it also has to taste good. Oakland-based noma lim infuses their chicken broth with ginseng and adds shiitakes to their beef broth. We also recommend Kettle & Fire, Bonafide Provisions and Ancient Nutrition.


Eileen Gordon, founder and CEO of Barnraiser, took an indirect path from Apple’s education group to the Napa Valley, leading to her current obsession connecting the makers and conscious eaters in the good food and healthy living movement.