2015 Food Trends

What was hot In healthy foods this year

We love these 2015 discoveries
A snapshot of what we ate this year: coconuts, veggie mac 'n' cheese and ghee.

February 19, 2021

Happy holidays from Clean Plates! Our goal is to turn you on to new products, recipes, cookbooks and trends that help make clean eating more fun and delicious. Below are some of our favorite posts that we think did just that in 2015. Thanks for subscribing—we look forward to keeping you up to date on what’s hot in healthy eating throughout 2016!

We went cuckoo for coconut: This year found us saying “see ya later” to avocado toast and saying hello to coconut toast. We were also loving coconut turned into bacon-like chips, and we even made our own coconut milk and cream.

Animal fat made a comeback: In 2015, we embraced (a moderate amount of) animal fat, stirring butter from grass-fed cows—along with coconut oil, of course!—into our Bulletproof Coffee, cooking with high quality lard and ghee and snacking on paleo bars made from meat.

Plants pretended to be animals: Despite the aforementioned conscientious consumption of animal products, we never strayed from our plant-forward focus. And those of us who experimented with Peganism (paleo + vegan) were happy to learn that plant-based foods can make pretty amazing steak and mac ‘n’ cheese, in addition to the bacon mentioned above. We even found a fruit we could use like meat.

Quinoa got some competition: We still love the heck outta quinoa, but this year we discovered two new gluten-free grains—fonio and teff—that we’re loving in all sorts of sweet and savory preparations.