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Working Out During Your Period Just Got Easier

November 1, 2017

It’s hard enough to motivate to get to the gym when you have the fatigue, cramps, and other symptoms from your period. Add fiddling with tampons or pads to the equation, and who wouldn’t rather just curl up on the couch?

But then again, you know you’ll feel so much better after a workout. What’s an active girl to do?

Thinx to the rescue. This company gets women: Their period-proof undies hold up to 2 tampons’ worth of fluid; they use a 4-layer technology that’s soft, moisture-wicking, bacteria-fighting and breathable; and their Sport line has super-comfortable high, wide leg holes, so chafing is a thing of the past. On light days, these undies are all you need, and on heavy days, they’re a great backup to your tampon, so you avoid the bulk and discomfort of the tampon-plus-pad combo.

Plus, with Thinx, you lessen your use of tampons, which often have potentially harmful chemicals on them. And since you use fewer pads and tampons overall with Thinx, you also cut back on waste and save money.

So go ahead, hit yoga, Barry’s Bootcamp or anything in-between—you’re covered. And when you’re done, just rinse off your Thinx Sport, toss ‘em in a mesh laundry bag, wash in cold and hang to dry.

Now you can discover the wonder of hassle-free period workouts with a special deal. Clean Plates readers get 20 percent off Thinx Sport (use promo code CLEANPLATES at checkout).

Get yours today.

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