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Keep That Water Bottle Filled All Winter

November 6, 2017

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated when it’s hot out, but winter brings with it plenty of reasons to keep on sipping.

Fight off colds/flu

Staying hydrated helps your whole body operate more efficiently, aiding digestion, circulation and organ function, all of which keep your immune system going strong. It also helps keep mucus membranes moist and pliable; when they’re dry and cracked, they can be an entry point for viruses and bacteria.

Recover from workouts

Fluid loss is as much a danger in winter as it is in warmer months, thanks to heated air in gyms and cold, dry air outdoors. Since many of us get a burst of inspiration to exercise in winter (hello, New Years Resolutions), it’s important to be prepared. For best results, show up to your workout hydrated, sip as needed during longer workouts, and be sure to recover with fluid, too. Hydration also helps muscles recover more quickly, so you’re less sore.

Combat airplane air

Dehydration from travel is an issue all year long, but with the holidays, more of us find ourselves getting onboard. Circulated air in planes is far less humid than what we’re used to, raising the risk of dehydration and lowering your resistance to colds. Though no one relishes a trip to the airplane bathroom, it’s worth it to keep yourself hydrated and illness-free.

Regulate body temperature

Whether you’re exercising in the cold or just in and out of the cold of the outdoors and heat of the indoors all day, maintaining your body temperature is a challenge in the winter. Staying hydrated keeps circulation going, which helps keep your body’s temperature in an optimal range.

Aid digestion

The cold makes us crave heartier foods—all the more reason to make sure your digestion keeps humming. Staying hydrated boosts your bowel and kidney functions, so you eliminate waste efficiently.

Banish bloat

Who doesn’t love a warm bowl of soup or a comforting stew when it’s freezing out? But as we take in more salty foods like these, we tend to get that bloaty feeling. It seems counterintuitive to drink more fluid when you’re retaining water, but hydration signals to your body that it has enough so it can let go of fluids it’s keeping in your cells.

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