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Water, Water Everywhere

April 1, 2014
Hello Gorgeous!

Mike Del Ponte was having a no-good-very-bad-dinner-party. A friend’s request for water sent him scurrying to the kitchen to pour from a homely plastic filtration pitcher. Cue the top of the container falling off and a drenched kitchen floor.“Why don’t they design something beautiful, sustainable and that actually works?” Del Ponte found himself asking as he mopped up the kitchen floor. Thankfully, that disastrous escapade brought about a curvaceous glass carafe water filter, the Soma, ($99 for the carafe and a year’s worth of filters).

Filter system Soma

The Soma water filter glass carafe.

Instead of waiting around for a product to materialize, Del Ponte and his partners hired David Beeman, “the world’s leading water guru” to design a compostable coconut shell-based filter that eliminates chlorine, lead, arsenic and selenium for some seriously fresh-tasting water. One wildly successful Kickstarter campaign later, the Soma is now available for purchase.

We love that you never have to remember when it’s time to swap the filter: Soma ships them automatically every two months, and includes recipes such as strawberry-basil ice cubes inside gorgeously minimalist packaging. And if that doesn’t fully quench your thirst, in the upcoming months Soma will introduce a new family-sized pitcher, a vibrant new color palette and fun design partnerships with artists.
BUY: Purchase a Soma Campaign
LEARN MORE: Visit Soma’s Website
GIVE: Soma’s Charity Water Campaign
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