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Upgrade Your Office Lunch With These 5 Hacks

April 12, 2017

If there’s any type of meal that presents a healthy-eating challenge, it’s lunch at the office. Greasy takeout, fat and carb-packed pizza, a soggy brown-bagged sandwich, even the dreaded vending machine—you’ll grab anything when your stomach is growling, and shovel it down while hunched over your keyboard. Yuck.

But eating at work doesn’t have to suck. With a few simple steps, you can transform your work-week lunch from functional to fabulous, without spending big bucks or losing time at a restaurant. Here are five ways to say “so long” to the sad desk lunch and hello to healthy, delicious midday meals you’ll actually look forward to.


It’s called a lunch break for a reason. You need the time not only to nourish your body but also to refresh your mind for the long afternoon ahead. Plus, studies show that taking a relaxing break at work can reduce stress on the job, which means a healthier and more productive you. Before eating, it’s worth investing a few minutes away from the screen to close your eyes, take some deep breaths, even meditate. You’ll return to your desk bright-eyed and ready to tackle your to-dos.



Luvo frozen meals

No time to cook and pack a gourmet meal for lunch? Fill your work freezer with scrumptious, chef-created meals from Luvo. In just minutes, you can feast on entrees like chicken enchiladas, roasted vegetable lasagna or red wine braised beef with creamy polenta. Each entree contains a full serving of nutrient-dense produce and emphasizes fiber-rich whole grains and responsibly sourced proteins, with choices to suit every palate. And you won’t have to suffer frozen centers and burnt edges like other frozen meals: Luvo’s signature line of meals are prepared in their custom Steam in Pouch™ packaging, which gently cooks each meal in its own flavorful juices.


Kids go outside for recess—and so should you. Eating lunch at your desk means you’ll miss out on fresh air and sunlight to give you an energy and serotonin boost. If possible, step outside and find a spot to enjoy your lunch.


Plastic forks and Styrofoam containers are not only bad for the environment, they’re also just plain unpleasant. Instead, treat your office lunch like a restaurant or home-cooked meal by stashing a real plate and silverware in your desk. Plus, that restaurant-quality Luvo meal will taste all the better on a proper plate.


A tasty meal deserves a sweet finish—but choose wisely or you’ll set yourself up for a blood sugar spike and afternoon crash. Your best bet for a dessert that will amp up your post-lunch productivity: A handful of nuts or seeds paired with naturally sweetened dark chocolate. The good fats, magnesium, and vitamin E in the nuts and seeds, combined with the disease-fighting and brain-boosting antioxidants in the chocolate, will enhance your concentration through the afternoon slog.

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