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Thriving over surviving

November 25, 2014
It's like Costco. Just healthier.

We want to give a digital high-five to the four founders of Thrive Market.

The cohort was brought together by two shared realizations, says VP of Content Kate Mulling: “First, that living healthy in America is too hard for too many people, and second, that it shouldn’t be that way.”

With the mission to democratize access to healthy living, our grocery shopping has just changed for the better. Thrive Market makes more than 2,500 non-GMO and organic foods, supplements, home, baby and beauty products available online at wholesale prices in normal, everyday sizes.

That means no more having to cobble together a buying club or making massive bulk purchases that wallow in your basement. What this means in cold hard cash terms is 25 to 50 percent off the prices you are used to paying. Take a jar of that all-purpose wonder ingredient: extra-virgin organic coconut oil. We usually pay around $17 for a 16 oz. jar from the Garden of Life brand. On Thrive it’s just $9.

Founders of Thrive Market

Left to right: Gunnar Lovelace, Kate Mulling, Sasha Siddhartha and Nicholas Green, co-founders of Thrive Market.

Is your mind blown? Because ours is.

Here’s how it works: Register for free to browse the Thrive catalog during a 30-day membership trial, and receive 15 percent off your first purchase and free shipping on all orders over $49. If you love what you see, buy a membership ($60 a year). To make the deal even sweeter, Thrive kicks in a free membership to a low-income family for every paid membership.

What’s more, you won’t have to drive to the store, and Thrive is 100 percent carbon neutral through “Our certification covers national shipping, packaging materials, warehouse utilities, even the work commutes of our team,” Mulling says. “All packaging, boxes and inserts are made from post-consumer recycled paper and are recyclable.”

Anyone feel like a feel-good shopping spree?
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Good food
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Good food brings people together.
So do good emails.

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