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The condiment we can’t stop reaching for

May 5, 2014
Move over sriracha.

Sriracha. Harissa. Kimchi.

These spicy, funky, delicious condiments are inalienable in our home fridges. So when Chitra Agrawal told us that achaar was “the Indian equivalent” of these toppers, we knew we had to add some to our lineup.

Now that we’ve tasted Agrawal’s all-natural achaar line, Brooklyn Delhi, we can’t imagine our fridge without a jar or two ever again.

Agrawal, a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, wasn’t happy with the mass-produced Indian pickles available on the market, so she started playing around with the vegetables she received from her farm share to turn them into the pickled relish. With very tasty results and one fiancée who also happens to be a packaging designer later, she decided to launch her own line.

Now jars of her achaar—made with non-GMO oil, unrefined cane sugar, black mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and turmeric are available online in tomato and whole-clove roasted garlic varieties ($8.75 each).

Pop one open and you’ve got a wham-bam flavor with a hit of spice, a pop of sour and a kiss of sweetness. We’re using our achaar as a topping for warm bowls of lentils, rice and yogurt, to spread on to sandwiches, and to spoon over our morning eggs.

Keep your eyes peeled for seasonal flavors, too. You’ll find us refreshing our browser page in hopes of snagging the first jars of rhubarb and gooseberry varieties.

CHECK OUT: Brooklyn Delhi

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