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July 7, 2016
Harmless Harvest uses only organic coconuts at their peak.

After having fun in the hot summer sun, don’t you wish you could dive into the center of a cool coconut and lap up all the good hydration of the water within?

Coconut water’s tropical taste and natural electrolytes make it supremely thirst-quenching—but as it turns out, not all coconut waters are created equal. If you want good vibrations along with your good hydration, check out the replenishing Harmless Harvest’s organic, Fair for Life, fair trade Coconut Water, filled with natural electrolytes, magnesium and potassium. It’s not only one of the best-tasting coconut waters around but it’s also produced with the utmost care for the well-being of people and the planet.

Coconut farmer

Promoting good working conditions is essential to Harmless Harvest’s mission.

You can attribute Harmless Harvest Coconut Water‘s exceptionally clean, crisp taste to the uniquely fresh and fragrant coconuts it’s extracted from—they’re widely regarded as the tastiest coconut varietal in the world. The coconuts are organically grown in Thailand and harvested at their peak.

While some other coconut waters are heat pasteurized or filled with preservatives to maintain shelf life, Harmless Harvest’s pure coconut water is never thermally-pasteurized or compromised with additives. It’s filtered with a proprietary process to preserve the water’s optimal flavor, fragrance and nutrients—basically, the closest you can get to drinking straight from the coconut.

Harmless Harvest creates good vibes by using eco-conscious bottles (comprised of 24 percent less plastic than their previous bottles) and investing their profits back into the coconut farming communities they work with. They’re Fair For Life certified, meaning they’re committed to social accountability practices including paying living wages, championing good working conditions and providing free medical care. They also help improve the farmers’ organic growing practices, assisting them to maintain sustainable revenue and preserve fragile ecosystems. From seed to shelf, their team is fully committed to touching more lives with clean, delicious, organic foods that are produced and traded with fair and sustainable business practices that promote social, agricultural and environmental progress.

It’s a feel-good, tastes-great way to hydrate and replenish, so dive into some Harmless Harvest Coconut Water today!

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