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The Homemade Vegan Pantry will help you stock up on kitchen essentials

Make staples from the Vegan Pantry Cookbook
If this book doesn't intrigue you enough to eat more plant-based foods, we don't know what will. (Photo credit: Eva Kolenko)

July 4, 2017

Miyoko Schinner tells it like it is in her new book, The Homemade Vegan Pantry: The Art of Making Your Own Staples ($23 hardcover; $11 Kindle). “Unless you were raised by macrobiotic hippies, you’ve had it. I’ve had it. And there’s no shame in saying it—we’ve all had macaroni and cheese 
out of the box.”

True that.

Schinner’s book will teach you how to create a rock-solid foundation of staples for your kitchen to yield better flavor and health—not to mention save you money and time. For example: Consider that half-gallon of soy milk that runs around $4 at the store. To make the same amount of soy milk at home it only takes a handful of soybeans (maybe fifty cents worth) and some water. Bonus: by making it at home, you’re eliminating the environmental impact of packaging, shipping and storage.

Vegan macaroni and cheese
A homemade vegan upgrade of mac and cheese out of the box. (Photo credit: Eva Kolenko)

Even if you and everyone you know is a carnivore, the book has plenty of fodder to improve your pantry. There’s homemade vanilla extract that makes use of that leftover vodka from your last party.

Schinner is all about enticing people to a plant-based diet not through ideology, but through their taste buds. When it comes to boxed mac and cheese, she shares a genius recipe that’s as simple as blitzing a few ingredients together in the food processor. Stick the gloriously cheesy-tasting powder in your pantry and you’re set to combat five weeknight dinner panics in convenient succession.

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