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Rustic Roots Delivers Local Food with No Commitment

April 11, 2012

Move over Fresh Direct. There’s another organic and local food delivery service out there: Rustic Roots Delivery.

The service works with farmers to bring quality local food products straight to the doorsteps of New York residents; Rustic Roots Delivery not only offers a CSA program, it allows for one-time orders as well. With a minimum order of $50, they’ll deliver delicious local goods anywhere on Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan. The products to choose from run the gamut: Order seasonal fruit and vegetable baskets, meat packages or items à la carte like local glass-bottled milk, handmade pasta, local cheeses, butter, honey, eggs and more.

The husband and wife team of Emer and Jeff Moore (pictured) started the company in May of 2011 after they decided to move on from the NYC restaurant industry. They source quality, nutritionally abundant food from local farmers who use best practices for organic and sustainable farming, and visit their farmer partners several times a week to hand-select seasonal fruits, vegetables and meats.

“We attribute our being in business to all the small-scale local farmers who work so hard to produce great healthy products,” Jeff Moore tells us.

Every delivery has a $10 charge to cover gas and there’s also a one-time $15 crate fee for any fruit and veggie basket order. Each week they deliver, customers are asked to leave out the last week’s equipment which Rustic Roots will swap out with new products.

“If someone only orders once from us, we follow up through email or phone calls to retrieve the equipment on our next delivery week,” he says. “We pride ourselves on being hands on as it’s only my wife and I, and we believe in being able to connect with our customers by giving great customer service. Because of this, most everyone has no problem returning our stuff.”

From April to December they offer weekly fish specials, freshly caught by Long Island fishermen, and throughout the year have seasonal and holiday goodies available like organic turkeys for Thanksgiving and organic chocolate baskets for Valentine’s Day. For a list of items delivered each week along with recipes, check out Rustic Roots’ blog.

“We are steadily growing and really excited to share local farms with our great customers,” Moore says.

Good food
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Good food brings people together.
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