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Personalized Vitamins, Delivered Hassle-Free

July 26, 2017

The vitamin aisle at the pharmacy or health-food store is packed with so many choices, just finding something basic can be overwhelming. Plus, how do you know that you’re taking what your individual body really needs?

Care/of is here to take the hassle and mystery out of vitamins and supplements. Answer a few simple questions in a survey, and Care/of creates custom recommendations designed just for you, factoring in your age, where you live, fitness level, dietary preferences and more. The recommendations are all backed by a scientific advisory board, and you can see the research that supports each one.

Care/of personalized vitamins

Care/of makes its own vitamins and supplements, sourcing the best ingredients from around the world and using the gentlest processes to help retain the integrity of the nutrients.

The best part: Each month, you get 30 individual packets of your personalized vitamins and supplements sent right to your door, with prices starting at just $20 per month. Try it now: Clean Plates readers get 50% off the first month—that’s 2 weeks’ worth of free supplements—using the code VITAMIN50.

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