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Paleo-Friendly Baked Treats

February 2, 2016
These dreamy cookies and doughnuts from EKG Project are free of grains, gluten, dairy and soy.

When it comes to sweet indulgence, Gina Cavallo and Emily Farley want you to have your double chocolate chip cookie and eat it too.

These gals behind EKG Project call their sweet treats Paleo-friendly, but we like to think of them as friendly to anyone concerned about what is going into his or her mouth.

All EKG Project desserts are gluten-, grain-, dairy and soy-free, yet they’re incredibly delicious (the treats were voraciously devoured in our office). “We believe that food choices shouldn’t be ‘the lesser of two evils’,” Cavallo told us.

While making something tasty and free of so many standard baking components sounds about as complex as nuclear fission, the two actually do it by keeping things simple. They rely on natural, minimally processed ingredients such as organic extra virgin unrefined coconut oil, sustainably harvested sea salt, naturally extracted baking soda and non-GMO beet sugar. Those double chocolate chip cookies ($5.25 each), for example, use a dreamy mix of organic raw cacao, coconut flour and non-GMO chocolate. The mini doughnut cupcakes ($2 each) harness organic applesauce for sweetness and moisture and organic cinnamon for flavor.

“We’ve both battled physical internal issues, such as IBS and blood sugar inconsistencies, for years,” said Cavallo. “But once we cleaned up our diets, the majority of these problems vanished. We know that what you put in and on your body matters. So, we use the cleanest ingredients we can find.”

The best news? Anyone can get in on this sweet goodness: EKG Project was born in New York, but they are now shipping nationwide. Maybe Valentine’s Day this year calls for a dozen chocolate doughnuts ($5 each) in place of flowers?

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