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How to Order Like a Healthy Pro at Chipotle

March 11, 2019
Photo Credit: Whole30

We may be super-polarized on a number of topics these days, but it seems one thing we can all agree on is Chipotle. Why? Because there’s something for everyone, no matter what your eating style.

Because there’s such a broad range of choices, having some strategy is key to optimizing your order. We asked two experts to give us their best tips, so you can order like a pro.

1. Get bowled over.

“Skip the burrito and go for a salad bowl,” says Sydney Greene, a registered dietician nutritionist with Middleberg Nutrition. “The tortilla used for the burrito is the equivalent to about three and a half slices of bread. That combined with the rice bumps the total carbohydrate content to about seven slices of bread. Instead, opt for a bowl with a salad base and ask for a small scoop of rice, if you like.”

2. Tame the toppings.

“Who doesn’t love cheese, gauc and sour cream?” Greene says. “Unfortunately, the portions they give are on the larger side. So choose one out of the three. My vote is the gauc for a boost of fiber, vitamin K, potassium and vitamin E.”

3. Think Whole (30).

“I’m a big fan of keeping it simple, which is why I was excited when Chipotle added the Whole30 salad bowl to its menu,” says Clean Plates founder (and integrative nutrition health coach) Jared Koch. “It has all the ingredients I would personally choose anyway. You get a lot of veggies like lettuce, peppers and onions, good fat in the form of guacamole, and good quality protein — you can choose chicken, pork or beef. Even if you aren’t following Whole30, ordering it is an easy way to get something delicious and nourishing without the stress of having to make a ton of choices.”

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