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New Year, New Cleanse

January 8, 2015
(L-R) Soupure founders Vivienne Vella and Angela Blatteis.

We love organic, cold-pressed juice as much as anyone. But juice cleanses? Hmm. We’re not crazy about indulging in multiple bottles of the stuff per day, given all that fruit sugar with little fiber or protein to mitigate the sugar’s impact or nourish the body. Eek.

This year, we’re warming up to a new cleanse trend that incorporates whole fruits and vegetables: souping. Blended soups keep fiber and protein intact, so they promise a more filling and nutrient-dense way to give the system a rest from solid foods and toxins, while bone broths offer a collagen- and mineral-rich warm-up.

Los Angeles-based soup delivery company Soupure is leading the local soup charge with a collection of all-organic warm vegetables soups, chilled fruit-and-nut soups, healing bone broths and fruit-infused alkaline waters. Co-founders Angela Blatteis and Vivienne Vella consulted with nutritionists and doctors to develop one- ($79), three- ($235) and five-day ($375) cleanses that deliver complete daily nutrition, including 20 grams of protein and 60 essential nutrients per day.

You might start the morning with refreshing pear yuzu alkaline water, have a warm morning chaser of chicken miso bone broth or vegetable broth and tuck into a velvety bowl of hot zucchini basil soup at lunch. The “Superhero” blend of nuts, seeds, dates and reishi eases post-workout recovery, while warm, ginger-laced Japanese sweet potato soup makes for a hearty dinner. The deeply flavorful soups are low in natural sugars and free of dairy, gluten, corn, MSG, preservatives, fillers and GMOs.

Soupure delivers to most zip codes in Los Angeles for a $10 fee, or you can pick up cleanse packages or soups a la carte at Cardio Barre Studio City or at Soupure’s new kiosk in the Brentwood Town Center, set to open next week.

Juicing, you’re so 2014.

Soupure Brentwood Town Center Kiosk
13050 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles

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