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Our New Favorite Nutritional Tool

December 1, 2016

Food labels are an essential guide that help you track what calories, fats, protein and nutrients you are eating. But what about when you’re cooking at home? A glug of oil here, a slug of flour there, and suddenly you’re eating a salad that has the same nutritional value as a Big Mac. In a world where you can carefully calculate and calibrate every macronutrient in the processed food you buy, you’re pretty much flying blind when it comes to cooking in your own kitchen.

That’s where the magic of Edamam’s Nutrition Wizard comes in handy. The site is easy to use—simply paste the recipe into the wizard, select the number of servings, press enter and you’ve got the full nutritional breakdown of your homemade meal. It counts calories, carbs, and protein and up to 25 nutrients, from zinc to vitamin B6. It also offers healthy substitutions and instantly assesses whether a recipe is appropriate for those keeping a paleo, vegan, low-sodium, or gluten-free diet. As any person who has attempted to calculate carbs while keeping keto knows, that alone is worth the price of admission. The best part? You can save and print the recipes and their analysis.

Edamam Nutrition Wizard is like a magic wand, enabling you to track and calculate your homemade food—all for a low monthly fee. If you act now, Edamam is offering 50% off with the code CLNPLTS. Join up today to be an even smarter cook!

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Good food brings people together.
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