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How to Make Broccoli Delicious (Without Covering it in Cheese)

January 12, 2020

Does cooking with broccoli cause you to have a major creativity block? You’re not alone! Most recipes tend to feature broccoli covered in cheese, baked in cheese, or pretty much anything else involving cheese. While delicious, it’s good to have some healthy alternatives that make broccoli just as, if not, more delicious.

Roast it up For Big Flavor and Texture

Try roasting your broccoli with garlic and lemon for a delicious flavor combination with tender broccoli stalks but also a slightly crispy exterior. This texture balance between soft and crunchy is so delicious and addicting. Try making this recipe next time you buy broccoli. If you’re looking to kick up the spice level while bringing a little sweetness to the party, try roasting your broccoli with harissa and golden raisins.

Not your Grandma’s Broccoli Salad

Broccoli salad can actually be an amazing side dish or a full meal. I skip the classic mayonnaise base and lighten the dressing up by using plain greek yogurt, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar. Then I bring some sweetness to the salad in the form of dried fruit. I really love using dried currants in my broccoli salads right now! Next step is adding some crunch and healthy fats by adding your favorite nuts and/or seeds into the mix. Broccoli can be prepped by cutting it into medium-sized florets and using it raw or by roasting the broccoli with olive oil, salt, and pepper then cooling it before using it in your salad. If serving as an entree, I like grilled chicken on top or roasted chickpeas for a vegetarian option. Here’s the perfect recipe to get you started on your broccoli salad journey.

Pesto’s New Best Friend

Love pesto? Broccoli can easily be incorporated into your pesto which can be especially helpful if you’re a little short on basil. Simply steam your broccoli, let it cool down, then blend it right into your pesto. Serve your broccoli pesto on pasta, as a spread on sandwiches, or toss your vegetables in it. This recipe only uses ½ cup of basil while packing in a full head of broccoli.

A Delicious Fritter

You have probably had some type of fritter in your life before and guess what? Broccoli can easily be made into a fritter! First, pulse up some steamed broccoli in your food processor then all you need is your favorite seasonings (I love za’atr, flour, and eggs. I cook mine in a little bit of olive oil on the stovetop then finish them with a squeeze of lemon, so good! The extra addition of citrus at the end makes the flavors pop! You can also store these in the refrigerator and quickly heat them up in the oven, making them a perfect addition to meal prep! Here’s a great recipe to get you hooked on broccoli fritters!


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