Lindy & Grundy: LA’s First Nose-to-Tail Butcher

Organic meat that everyone—even vegans—can't get enough of

LA Lindy and Grundy First Nose to Tail Butcher
You'll see a selection of meat you've never seen before.

July 11, 2017

Earlier this year, after an 8-month internship in butchery at Fleischer’s Grass-fed & Organic Meats in upstate New York, co-owners and spouses Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura tweeted their way cross-country before opening their much-heralded shop on Fairfax: Lindy & Grundy, LA’s first nose-to-tail butcher.

All of the shop’s organic meat and poultry comes from small, in-state local farms with grass-fed, pastured animals who receive no hormones or antibiotics. Today their bustling storefront sells beef, pork, chicken and lamb butchered on-site. In the spirit of wasting as little as possible, the shop also sells marrow, over 20 kinds of sausages, leaf lard, chicken liver pâté with a nice smear of schmaltz and beef, pork and chicken and lamb stock.

Another benefit of Lindy & Grundy’s whole animal butchery is their selection of unusual and rarely seen cuts of meat.

They sell Velvet steak, which comes from the heel and is so meltingly soft it needs no tenderizing, and “chicken steak,” considered one of the tenderest cuts of beef. A lusty pork “porterhouse” is especially popular with male clientele, but the shop’s top sellers are the beef and bacon grind—which Posada promises makes the best hamburgers in LA—and the sausage.

They also carry a small selection of organic, local, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and dried beans, plus honey, eggs and Strauss organic milk and butter.

The number one question new customers ask: “Is this organic?” Answer (for everything): “Yes.” Posada also noted a surprising number of their clientele are vegan. Come again? “Though they don’t eat meat, a lot of our customers are cooking for their families. This is where they shop.”

That’s right. It’s a butcher even a vegan could love.