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Just Say No (To GMOs)

August 19, 2014
Kefir: a drinkable yogurt made with fresh milk and contains billions of live probiotics.

Whenever you first learned about the health benefits of live probiotics (overall immune health, better digestion and gastrointestinal health), it’s likely that Sue and Chuck Kesey of Nancy’s had you beat by a long shot: They’ve been touting beautiful bacteria since 1970, when they introduced the first yogurt with live probiotics to the US market.

Now that yogurt fills our grocery store shelves, the Kesey’s have just completed another pioneering move: Their Organic Lowfat Kefir and Organic Lowfat Cultured Cottage Cheese are the first Non-Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Project Verified kefir and cottage cheese on the market, and all of the company’s dairy products fall under Non-GMO Project certification. Nancy’s fields an all-star lineup: The traditional yogurt is seriously creamy, the high-protein strained Greek variety is unbelievably thick without thickeners or additives and the drinkable kefir teems with live probiotic cultures.

Nancy's yogurt founders

Yogurt is a family affair! Left to right: Siblings Kit Kesey and Sheryl Kesey Thompson, Nancy Van Brasch Hamren (the namesake of Nancy’s Yogurt) and founders Chuck and Sue Kesey.

Co-owner and VP of marketing Sheryl Kesey Thompson, who’s also the daughter of Chuck and Sue, explained to us: “Nancy’s consumers are wise and educated about their foods and they continued to ask questions about GMOs and wanted as much current information as possible. We took the extra step so we could provide the answers they were looking for.”

It’s clear that this is one family that won’t stop innovating. In January, Nancy’s will introduce an unsweetened probiotic cultured soy yogurt as well.

Meanwhile, while you wait for that delicious new product to hit the shelves, check out the Non-GMO Project’s database of products. It’s a fascinating way to make informed choices about what goes into your fridge—and your body.
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