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Hump Days

September 15, 2015
Camel milk from Desert Farms
Milk from pasture-raised and grass-fed...camels.

If “Meet the Parents” taught us anything, it’s that you can milk any animal with teets.

Yet that doesn’t mean that we’ve expanded our gluten-free granola accompaniment to much beyond grass-fed milk.

Desert Farms wants to expand your horizons by adding a new bottle to your breakfast table: Camel milk.

This California-based company works with farmers who raise pasture-raised and grass-fed camels to distribute camel milk without any added hormones nationwide including Whole Foods (locate a store here). The product line includes both raw and pasteurized milk and kefir, along with powdered milk and soaps.

Camel milk is probiotic and high in vitamin B1, and it contains less than half the fat of whole milk, but you’ll pay for it: At $18 a pint, it’s not cheap. But with 18,000 cows for every one camel in the US, it’s a little bit easier to understand the numbers game. Those who’ve tried it swear by it and call it “liquid gold” with reports of everything from improvement in the behavioral and cognitive tests of autistic children to accelerated wound healing in diabetics and the relief of autoimmune disease.

One of the best parts about camel milk is the flavor—it’s just like “regular” cow’s milk. While we’ve found alternatives like rice or soymilk sometimes leave a funky aftertaste, the camel’s milk we tried went down smooth.

New products in the works for Desert Farms include a camel milk ice cream and chocolate—so keep your eye out for something new on your dessert table as well.

Good food brings people together. So do good emails.

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Good food brings people together.
So do good emails.

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