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How Alkaline Are You?

March 7, 2018

You know eating lots of plant-based whole foods is the best route to good health, energy and looking your best. One reason why is your body’s acid-alkaline balance (pH). When you treat your body to lots of alkalizing foods like greens, fruit, nuts/seeds, fish, and coconut oil, you’re rewarded with that beautiful, healthy glow that comes from the inside out.

On the flipside, an acidic body, the result of too much sugar, alcohol, red meat, dairy and coffee, can leave you with aching joints, fatigue, weight gain, inflammation, premature aging, sugar cravings and brain fog.

Even knowing all this and having the best intentions, we all struggle sometimes to eat healthy, especially when we’re on the go. That’s where WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR comes in. Two teaspoons of this convenient powder—featuring top-quality ingredients like alkalizing greens, aloe vera juice, antioxidant grape seed extract, and more—mixed with filtered water or blended into a smoothie can help support gut health, immune system, energy levels, healthy skin and restore pH balance.

Wondering how alkaline you are? Take WelleCo’s quiz.

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We know how hard you work to stay healthy—why not give yourself the reward of this easy boost? Get started today: Clean Plates readers who buy the WelleCo Alkaline Living Starter Set (the set comes with a complimentary Hydrator bottle) will also receive free shipping on orders over $50. Use the code CLEANPLATES at checkout to get yours.

And here’s a refreshing tropical smoothie recipe, perfect to get you going in the morning or lift you up when you need an energy boost in the afternoon.


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Good food brings people together.
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