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Hate Rinsing Quinoa? Try Kañiwa

October 21, 2013
Discover kaniwa, similar to quinoa, even higher in protein and it doesn't need rinsing. Check out Clean Plates' recipe for a healthy and delicious kaniwa snack.

It’s gluten-free, nutty-tasting, cooks like rice or pilaf, and has as much or even more protein than quinoa. It’s called kañiwa (kah-NYI-wa, also spelled “cañihua”), and it has a big bonus: you don’t need to rinse it before cooking! (Scroll down for a recipe.) Hailing from the Andes, this little-known-in-America grain has no saponins, which form the soap-like coating on quinoa that needs to be washed away. Some people even call it “mini quinoa” because of its smaller grains and milder taste. Where to find it:


Living Tree Community Foods sells organic kañiwa by the pound, ready to prepare as a cereal, side dish or part of a recipe.

As a flour.

This non-GMO grain from Zócalo Gourmet packs five grams of protein and five grams of fiber per quarter-cup.

Ready to eat.
In a hurry? Try Cocomama, a heat-and-eat blend of kañiwa, organic quinoa, coconut milk, honey, lemon juice, almond extract and sea salt.

In a tasty recipe.
Marcona Kañiwa Quince Bites. Get the recipe here!

Yes, you kan(iwa)!

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