Growing Pains

Videos tell the story of going from farm to fork

How It Grows gives you the backstory on produce

June 22, 2018

Have you been taking your food for granted?

Signs of a failure of appreciation could include lobbing heads of cauliflower into the dark back corners of your fridge or chomping down on an apple with nary a second thought about its provenance.

If taken to vegetable court, we’d find ourselves guilty, too.

Nicole Cotroneo Jolly, the founder of How Does it Grow?, wants to change our relationship with the produce we buy at the grocery store with free, lush videos that tell the stories of our food from field to fork.

In her short videos, she focuses on one crop at a single farm and drills down into the food’s history, nutrition statistics, what it takes to grow and how to prepare it for maximum deliciousness. Right now the episodes cover mushrooms, garlic, cauliflower, cranberries and apples.

DYK: one cup of cauliflower has more vitamin C than an orange? Click to watch the video.

We binged watched the videos and learned surprising facts in each and every one. Did you know that cauliflower turns yellow if not shielded from the sun, that it is fertilized with Peruvian penguin poop (really) and that one cup of cauliflower has more vitamin C than an orange?

Once you’ve gotten to know your produce better, you’ll want to treat it better, too. Utilize the “Where Should I Store?” widget to help you make sure you’re storing ingredients in the proper place. We love the tips on ripening (store avocados at room temperature in a paper bag if you want to make guacamole sooner) and extending the taste and longevity of foods (the longer kale sits at room temperature, the more bitter it gets).

Your kitchen is sure to be a lean, green machine in no time.