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Go Nuts

February 25, 2016
Super spreads: We're obsessed with the artisan nut spreads from MeeNut Butter.

How early in the day can you start eating chocolate?

If it’s part of the all-natural nut butter blend ChoCoco Nut Power, then you have the green light to start at breakfast.

ChoCoco Nut Power ($18) is the newest flavor in a line of exceptionally delicious nut butters called MeeNut Butter. The artisanal spreads are made in Ventura by company founder Mee Lee, a CrossFit trainer with a passion for healthy eating.

MeeNut Butter nut spreads are packed with flavor and healthy

MeeNut Butter spreads are packed with nuts and other healthy ingredients like flax seeds and coconut.

Mee uses primarily organic, all non-GMO ingredients and absolutely no sweeteners. The chunky ChoCoco flavor ($18) combines California almonds and raw cacao powder with the natural sweetness of chestnuts, coconut, vanilla beans and coconut oil. The tasty blend is a chocolaty treat spooned right out of the jar, spread on toast or added to yogurt and fruit for an energizing breakfast or midday snack. ChoCoco is also great for baking and making treats like these freezer chocolate–nut butter cups. It’ll be available only until chestnut season ends in a few months, so we advise scooping it up now.

Mee’s lineup also includes Quadruple Nut Power ($15)—an addictive mixture of almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts and pecans with coconut, sunflower seeds and flax seeds—and Pure Almond Power ($13), made only with roasted almonds. In the fall, she offers Pumpkin Spice Power almond butter with real pumpkin puree.

A self-professed former junk food addict, Mee suffered from chronic inflammation and joint pain before adopting the Paleo diet. She’s so driven to share the goodness of whole foods that she personally hand-makes and packages all of the nut butters.

It’s a labor of love—but she’s nuts about it. And so are we.

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