The Global Holiday Table

Sample International Delicacies with Try the World

Holiday Box: Michelin Edition

May 31, 2017

A sweet honey tart made with Israeli dates, an indulgent dip made with Italian truffles, an airy soufflé made with English lemon curd—don’t these sound like insanely delicious additions to your holiday table?

If you want to get your hands on these recipes and the internationally sourced, sustainable ingredients used to make them, then you should sign up for Try the World, a monthly gourmet food subscription box service that lets your taste buds travel the globe.

Each month, Try the World introduces you to the flavors of a new country with a selection of delicacies curated by notable chefs and culinary experts, ranging in price from $19 to $39 a month. Each item in the box is sourced from small, family-owned companies and artisans who use traditional production methods and sustainable growing practices. You’ll also get a guide that tells the story behind each product, plus recipes to make with the items. Plus, if you sign up now, you will receive 20 percent off all gift and signature boxes.

Choose from the Snack Box of mouthwatering snacks, the Pantry Box of pantry staples or the Signature Box—an array of ingredients to cook with, snacks and drinks. You might whip up tapas with the Spain Box, meatballs and dumplings with the Sweden Box or Steak au Poivre with the France Box.

This month, Try the World has collaborated with Michelin Guides to bring you the Special Edition Holiday Box filled with eight incredible holiday foods from around the world, including the aforementioned Italian truffle sauce, British lemon curd and Israeli date spread, plus creamy toffees from South Africa, spiced bread baking mix from France, buttery pineapple cakes from Taiwan and more. The recipes are curated by chef Thomas Raquel of New York’s Le Bernardin.

Sign up for Try the World today—Clean Plates readers get 20% off all gifts and signature boxes using the code CLEANPLATES20—and prepare to jet set from your table, while avoiding the headaches of holiday travel.