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How to Give Anyone (on Any Diet) a Sweet Treat on Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2020

Giving someone a box of chocolates is classic for Valentine’s Day… but these days, with a zillion different dietary styles, preferences, allergies and so much more, the simple act of giving a gift can feel pretty fraught.

So we set out to give you a list of gift ideas for an array of different considerations, with both store-bought and homemade options. No matter whom you’re buying for, you’re sure to show up with exactly what your sweetheart is craving.

If your love is keto

Buy it: ChocZero Dark Chocolate Keto Bark, $7 for a 6-oz bag

Yes, they can have delicious chocolate and stay in their macros. ChocZero’s keto barks, available in dark or milk chocolate, with add-ons like peanuts, almonds, peppermint or hazelnuts, are luscious, gluten-, soy- and sugar-free, made with fair-trade cocoa beans, and sweetened with monk fruit to keep those net carbs low. They even come in pretty bags.

Make it: Keto chocolate mousse

Just 5 simple ingredients come together easily for a luscious mousse that will make your sweetheart swoon.

If your love is vegan

Buy it: Creek House Vegan Organic Chocolate Truffles, $15.50 for a 6-piece box

Who says you have to eat dairy to enjoy truffles? These treats are dairy free, made with fair trade organic chocolate. With two Berry Berry, two Dark Espresso, one Chili Mango and one Creamy Hazelnut, your sweetheart will have a great variety to savor.

Make it: One-Bowl Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

It looks like a fancy special-occasion cake, but you throw it together in one bowl—and did we mention it’s gluten-free as well as vegan?

If your love is paleo

Buy it: Hu Chocolate-Covered Hunks, $25 for 3 6-oz bags

Made with organic, non-GMO 70% dark chocolate that’s free of refined sugar, gluten, soy, palm oil and other additives you find in most commercial chocolate, these bites are rich and tasty. The variety pack gives you one of each flavor: Sour Goldenberries, Cashew-Vanilla Bean, and Almond-Sea Salt—enjoy them one at a time or mix them up. (Pro tip: These treats are vegan, too.)

Make it: Superfood Protein Chocolate Bark

Your paleo love is all about nutrient-dense foods—even treats. This bark is the perfect gift, since it’s indulgent and fun, and also loaded with protein (hi, collagen peptides), healthy fats and more, with almonds, coconut, pepitas and dried cherries.

If your love doesn’t like/can’t have chocolate


How can caramels possibly fit into a story about healthier Valentine treats? When they’re made with wholesome ingredients like honey, coconut cream, organic coconut oil, and sea salt. Plus, they’re free from common allergens like dairy, eggs and nuts. The perfect non-chocolate indulgence for Valentines who want something different.

Buy it: Sweet Apricity Sea Salt Caramels, $15 for a 4-oz bag


These precious little pink confections are sweet, creamy and so delicious—plus, they’re vegan and paleo, so they’ll appeal to any tastes. Use thawed frozen strawberries while fresh ones are out of season.

Make it: Strawberry Milkshake Fudge

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