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Get the Sleep You Need Once and For All

May 2, 2018

Sleep. You need it. You want it. You feel so much better when you get it.

Why is it so important? Along with giving you enough energy to power through your day, sleep is necessary for the body to detox and repair itself. Even if you eat totally clean, exercise on the reg, meditate, drink tons of water and everything else, your body still produces free radicals, a kind of internal pollution. Adequate sleep restores the balance in your body, so you have more antioxidants, lowering your risk for a host of diseases.

And “beauty sleep” is also a thing. Your skin repairs itself as you sleep—so when you don’t, you end up looking… not your best. Slumber is also the time that your body produces Human Growth Hormone, a.k.a. its natural anti-aging potion; so once again, not enough sleep can affect your looks.

Mood, immunity, weight control, libido—sleep affects them all.

And yet, after a stressful day it can be so hard to wind down and drift off.

Enter Sleep Welle Fortified Calming Tea, your secret weapon in the fight for a full night of restful zzzz’s.

Sleep Welle Fortified Calming Tea

This soothing formula brings together three herbs proven to help you calm down, fall asleep and truly rest:

  • Skullcap: A powerful medicinal herb used to treat insomnia, anxiety and nervous headaches. It helps bring sleep with no side effects.
  • Valerian root: You may have seen this one in the health-food store. Studies show this herb helps sleep come faster and improves sleep quality, along with easing anxiety and headaches.
  • Hops: This flower extract works in concert with valerian to reduce anxiety and bring on sleep.

The herbs are combined with lemon, mango flower and passionflower, giving this unique tea a mildly fruity taste you’ll look forward to sipping.

And now, Clean Plates readers can get $10 toward their purchase (use the code SLEEPWELLE at checkout). Orders over $100 come with a gift: A luxurious Japanese salt scrub, so you can add a soothing soak to your new healthy nighttime routine.*

Put your favorite sheets on your bed, place your order and get ready for the most restful sleep you’ve ever had.


*$10 off order offer is only valid on orders over $50 and can only be used once per customer. Japanese scrub is only valid on orders over $100 and while stocks last. From only.

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