Further the Cause

Soap from Further
Further's line of hand soaps, dish soaps and candles.

July 6, 2017

We first discovered Further Products hand soap at a Clean Plates-approved restaurant, the same type of establishment from where L.A.-based founders Marshall and Megan Dostal source the discarded vegetable oil they use to make their line of hand soaps, dish soaps and candles.

Marshall is the sort of uber-eco guy who makes his own biodiesel fuel, and gave Megan an aha moment when she found him surrounded by drums of glycerin, a byproduct of the biodiesel-making process and a key ingredient in many soaps and beauty products.

The Dostals combined the glycerin with a homespun blend of essential oils to create their first batch of biodegradable hand soap. Five years later, Marshall has recycled 50,000 gallons of restaurant grease.

We washed up with the stuff and found it happily sudsy with a pleasant, herby scent of bergamot, olives and grass.

You can find Further Products at top restaurants (like L.A.’s Pizzeria Mozza and NYC’s WD-50) and retailers around the country. Or buy it straight from the source.

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