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February 17, 2015
Think of dairy as a condiment. [Excerpted from The New Health Rules by Frank Lipman, M.D. and Danielle Claro (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2014. Photographs by Gentl & Hyers]

We’d love to have a sit-down with Dr. Frank Lipman and ask him, “Hey doc, what can I do to improve my health?” But since Lipman is a bit busy attending to his wellness-focused clients, which include Gwyneth Paltrow and Arianna Huffington, we have the next best thing: his new book, The New Health Rules: Simple Changes to Achieve Whole- Body Wellness ($20).

The book is like peeking into Lipman’s personal playbook of integrative health mantras. The 175 actionable, bite-size tips (each accompanied by a stunning photo) provide practical and simple answers in an ever-growing morass of confusing health advice.

Since we are always thinking about our next meal, we got Lipman to tell us three of his best food-focused tips.

Cookbook by Dr. Lipman

Dr. Lipman shares his personal playbook of integrative health mantras.

1. Eat the yolk: No more egg-white omelet nonsense! Let Lipman put the cholesterol myth to bed once and for all. He says: “Contrary to popular belief, the cholesterol you eat has virtually no impact on the cholesterol level of your blood. It’s sugar and carbs that trigger production of bad cholesterol in your body.”

2. Caffeine can have a half-life of seven hours: We are going to have to rethink our afternoon coffee dates after reading Lipman’s manifesto that, “At the very least, you should never consume caffeine after 1:00 p.m. If you are struggling with insomnia or intense stress, eliminating caffeine can make a huge difference.”

3. Think of dairy as a condiment: Although we were taught as children to consume massive amounts of dairy for strong bones, we need to reconsider our intake as adults. Lipman says, “Most adults can’t process cow’s milk. Keep servings to a dollop, max. You can get all the calcium you need from dark-green, leafy vegetables like kale and spinach, without stressing your gut.” Seek out raw cheeses made from sheep, goat and buffalo’s milk, instead of commercial cow-based products.

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