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Filfil So Good

October 22, 2015
All the goodness of garlic, with a kick of paprika and vinegar.

This cold season, instead of gagging down cloves of garlic to keep the sniffles at bay, we’re going to shower everything we eat with Filfil No. 7 Garlic Hot Sauce.

With over 20 cloves of non-GMO cold-busting garlic packed into each bottle, the sauce ($10 for 8.5 oz) is an immune-boosting, blood pressure-lowering dream come true. Plus, the condiment is damn tasty, too.

The bold, sunset orange color and rich flavor of the vegan sauce comes from the interaction between garlic, vinegar and paprika without any sugar or preservatives.

Filfil's co-founders

Brooklyn-based Co-founders, Einav and Jeff.

We’re suckers for do-gooder companies, but those that make the hard choice to switch to higher-caliber ingredients are even sweeter in our minds. Brooklyn residents and co-founders Einav Sharon and Jeff Silva reformulated their product to use heirloom, non-GMO, California-grown Christoper Ranch garlic and non-GMO canola oil.

They told us, “As a company that focuses on health and nutrition, it was critical for us to make sure our garlic and our oil are of the most premium quality. We worked with many kinds of garlic and oil initially and we chose to switch to non-GMO. Specifically, expeller-pressed oil (a mechanical process which squeezes the oil out of the vegetable) gets the most nutrition out of the seeds, versus solvent extracted oil (a chemical process whereby a solvent is used to remove the oil) was a clear choice for us.”

The word filfil means “pepper” in Arabic, and their recipe is a remastered version of the North African staple filfil chuma (“pepper and garlic”). We’re shaking the sauce on our morning scrambled eggs, swirling it into plain yogurt for an instant dip, charging up our avocado toast and applying it liberally to roast chicken.

More happy garlic breath in your future is all but guaranteed, as Sharon and Silva are set to unveil Filfil No. 6, a garlic spread and marinade, soon.

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