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Feel Amazing with This New 21-Day Plan

June 20, 2018

So there are plenty of 21- and 30-day plans and challenges out there designed to clean up your eating or get you doing a full set of push-ups on your toes. But what about a plan that addresses all of your health goals at once?

Now there is one, thanks to WelleCo (yup, Elle MacPherson’s company, that makes our fave Super Elixir Greens powder). The company’s new 21-Day Shape-Up plan, designed by nutritionist Rebecca Miller and personal trainer Lucy Thomson, offers weekly meal plans, clean, delicious and satisfying recipes, and nutritional info, plus a series of effective daily workouts targeting core, lower body, upper body and cardio that you can do at home. The plan also includes information about rest and relaxation, and why they’re crucial for optimal health.

WelleCo's 21-day shape-up plan

Now, if you’re starting to wonder how much this comprehensive, thoughtful, expertly created step-by-step program is going to cost you, good news: It comes as a free e-book when you order any of WelleCo’s products. Yes—you read that right: Buy any of WellCo’s clean, plant-based elixirs or supplements and the 21-day plan is yours. Before you know it, the low-carb, whole-foods meal plan and challenging, fun workouts will help you feel strong, lean and energized like never before.

And WelleCo’s products can help you sail through the 21-day program. The Super Elixir Greens is designed to optimize the function of your body’s systems, improving digestion, circulation and detoxification, beautifying you skin, hair and nails, eliminating bloat and boosting energy. Welleco’s Nourishing Protein, a plant-based alternative to whey protein, formulated with organic sprouted brown rice and pea protein, is a perfect addition to smoothies, low-carb pancakes and muffins, snacks and more. Enjoy it as a satisfying meal replacement, mid-afternoon energy hit, or late-night snack. And grab yourself some Sleep Welle Calming Tea, an all-natural blend of relaxing herbs, to help you get the rest you need to crush your goals.

WelleCo 21-day shape-up set

Shop now and get your free 21-day Shape-up e-book, plus use the code SHAPEUP at checkout to receive $10 off your order. Do it today, and give yourself the gift of the strongest, fittest, most energetic you that you can be.


*WelleCo Shape-up E-book available free with any order on only until 3 July 2018. $10 off any order is available from only when you spend over $50. Valid once per customer. Cannot be used with any other offer.

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