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Eat Like An Olympian With Luvo

August 10, 2016

Getting dinner on the table can sometimes feel like competing in an Olympic race: You want to speed to the finish line without neglecting the nutrition you need to really go the distance.

Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin knows a thing or two about eating for endurance and longevity. She’s racked up 12 Olympic medals in an international career spanning a dozen years. “I’ve always focused on good nutrition to fuel my performance,” says Coughlin. “Eating right throughout the day and incorporating recovery foods that fight inflammation have allowed me to compete for so long at a high level.”

When she’s in need of a supremely nutritious and tasty meal that’s also speedy (like her), she reaches for Luvo, a line of restaurant-quality frozen entrees that really go for the gold in the nutrition department.

Each Luvo entree contains a full serving of nutrient-dense produce, and the recipes also emphasize fiber-rich whole grains and lean-and-clean proteins. The health benefits of Luvo’s ingredients speak for themselves: Collard greens, with both calcium and vitamin K, help protect against bone loss, whole grains like brown rice help guard against cardiovascular disease, the vitamin C in broccoli provides immunity-boosting benefits, plus other great ingredients that contribute so much more.

It’s a way to eat for longevity that’s not too long on prep time—but big on flavor. There are delectable choices for every dietary preference, whether you choose vegetarian roasted vegetable lasagna, gluten-free red curry chicken with brown rice and kale, or meat lovers’ red wine-braised beef with Brussels sprouts and butternut squash.

Luvo is an exceptionally delicious and easy way to make a long-term investment in your body’s health—in no time flat. Try Luvo today for good food that equals great performance!

Good food
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Good food brings people together.
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