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The Easiest Way to Have More Energy

March 28, 2018

You want to be your sharpest, have the most energy, reach your goals—who doesn’t? Although there’s always a stream of gimmicks claiming to get you to peak performance in every aspect of your life, the truth is, the one that’s been proven to work time and time again is: Hydration.

That’s right—the secret to unlocking your superpowers is right there in your glass. And the best way to do it is with Liquid I.V., a great-tasting, non-GMO electrolyte drink mix that utilizes the breakthrough science of Cellular Transport Technology (CTT)™ to deliver hydration to your bloodstream faster and more efficiently than water alone. 1 Liquid I.V. can provide the same hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water.

Here are just a few of the things better hydration can do for you.

  • It helps you think better. Research shows that even mild dehydration may affect concentration, alertness, and short-term memory.
  • It boosts your mood. Dehydration is linked with symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety and tension, and can even cause you to feel less motivated.
  • It improves digestion. Have trouble, well, going? Dehydration can be a culprit. Constipation can cause anxiety and fatigue, so keeping your digestion on track is a good way to keep your energy up, and staying hydrated is key.
  • It elevates your gym performance. Whether you want to run longer, lift heavier weights, spin faster or tuck like a boss in barre class, hydration can help you get there. Dehydration can lead to overheating, fatigue and increased perceived effort, which means everything feels harder. Plus, staying hydrated helps your muscles recover faster, so you won’t be hobbling around the day after a killer gym session, and you can get back to it quicker.

So, why Liquid I.V.? Though there are plenty of electrolyte drinks on store shelves, what sets Liquid I.V. apart is Cellular Transport Technology (CTT)™, science pioneered by the World Health Organization that harnesses a specific ratio of electrolytes to allow water to be absorbed in the upper digestive tract. Normally liquids have to pass through the whole digestive system, and you lose water and nutrients along the way. The CTT in Liquid I.V. is like an express track, giving one bottle of water the hydration power of two to three times as much water.

With Liquid I.V., your body can absorb 75 to 80 percent of the water you drink, instead of the 20 percent you get from regular water.

Liquid I.V. comes in a convenient, portable powder packet that you mix into 16oz water. This electrolyte drink mix is vegan, gluten free and made from simple, clean non-GMO ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives, so you can feel good about sprinkling it in your bottle. It also provides vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and C, for even more energy and boosted immunity.

The best part: Right now, Clean Plates readers can get Liquid I.V. for a special price. Take 20% off Liquid I.V. with the code CLEAN20.

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