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DO! Delivery

April 23, 2015
Renee Gunter brings fresh, organic produce to LA's underserved neighborhoods. (Photo by Stephen Zeigler)

We have a new favorite food truck. You can’t chase it on Twitter, and it isn’t hawking fusion tacos or avant-garde ice cream. It’s just one woman in a 1962 Corvair Rampside pick-up on a mission to deliver fresh, organic produce to underserved areas of the city.

Behind the wheel of that vintage truck is Renee Gunter, a South LA native who founded Daily Organics as a way to address the lack of healthy food options in her neighborhood and other food deserts in the city. For the past two years, she’s set up her pop-up produce stand on street corners in South LA and Mid-City where fresh fruits and veggies are hard to come by. Her seasonal spread has included sustainably sourced and thoughtfully curated varietals like Pinkerton avocados, Austrian crescent potatoes and globe eggplants alongside homemade jams, Smart Simple Gourmet soups and her locally roasted DO! brand coffee beans.

Organic delivery by Renee Gunter

Renee Gunter and rosco (her truck). (Photo credit: Stephen Zeigler)

Now, Gunter has decided to transition from mobile pop-up (a tricky business model to sustain) to a weekly home delivery service. To start, she’ll deliver within a five-mile radius of her pop-up locations, with plans to expand beyond that in the future. Subscribers can customize their selections on a weekly basis ($25 to $45 per week for produce; no delivery fee); extras like soups and coffee can be added for an additional fee.

Gunter’s motivation to work toward solutions to food deserts sets Daily Organics apart from other produce delivery services. She’s as passionate about advocating for change as she is about selecting her produce. “It’s not just me stocking my truck full of food and selling it out of a box,” says Gunter. “I share ideas. I share conversation. It’s a sense of community, and it’s centered around food.”

Think of it as the street corner—on wheels.

Daily Organics

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