What to Eat for Breakfast if You’re Dairy-Free

Baked oatmeal

September 3, 2020

By Isadora Baum

Breakfast can be a tricky meal of the day for anyone, since you’re rushing to get out the door and you may not wake up with too much of an appetite to grab a bite. Yet, for many it’s an important meal since it can fuel your mind and body and help you start the day strong.

And if you cannot eat dairy, which can be in cereal and milk, certain baked goods, yogurts, smoothies, and more, it can make creating breakfast even more of a challenge. Yet, there are dairy-free breakfast options that are delicious, simple to make, and nutritious. Here are a few dairy-free breakfast recipes to keep on hand for busy mornings when you need a healthy breakfast quick.

Egg Sandwich

Try a savory egg sandwich with avocado and hummus. “If you’re missing the cheese but still want flavor and enough on your plate to feel full, replace the cheese with smashed avocado on one slice of bread and your favorite flavor packed hummus on the other,” says Kelly Jones MS, RD, CSSD, LDN. “Both provide some fiber and the fat in the avocado will help promote fullness, just like the cheese would have,” she says. You can use bread with whole grains and seeds and pair with a side of fresh fruit for antioxidants and sweetness.

Oatmeal with Soymilk

Use whole grains or gluten free oats to make a delicious oatmeal that’s creamy and high in fiber, as well as fats. Get those healthy fats by adding chia seeds or a dollop of peanut butter, as well as swapping out dairy milk for an alternative. “If you’ve replaced dairy milk with a nut milk, chances are your protein intake has been decreased. Soymilk has the same amount of protein as dairy milk and is the most widely available alternative in grocery stores to help you maintain muscle and feel full after a meal,” she says.

Smoked Salmon on English Muffin

Lox on an English muffin or high fiber or gluten-free crackers with vegan cream cheese is a good portable dairy-free breakfast recipe you can make to eat on the go. “As the dairy free trend grows, better non-dairy options have become available, with ingredient bases like cashews and miso instead of coconut oil and processed gums,” she says. These new options offer healthy fats, bold flavor, and even a little fiber, so they’re solid choices. Pair with hash browns and fresh fruit if you have time, or add on veggies, such as sliced zucchini, bell peppers, and kale.

Dairy-Free Breakfast Smoothie

Try blending a smoothie with coconut water and pea protein powder to get your electrolytes and protein to start the day. It’s especially great for repair post-workout. Use coconut water instead of milk in your smoothie and then add a third party tested pea protein powder, says Jones, or swap out for almond milk or soymilk.

“Pea protein has research showing it may be just as effective at muscle repair when compared to the gold standard, whey, which is a milk protein,” she adds. Don’t want protein powder? Go with nut butter, like peanut or almond butter, or avocado for that base. Add in fruit, healthy fats, and greens: think kale, raspberry, banana, or chia seeds.

Breakfast Sausage and Hash

Try a sweet potato, veggie and chicken sausage hash for a crispy dairy-free breakfast idea. “Just chop, sautee, and serve these ingredients to build a balanced meal, offering a variety of nutrients plus satiating protein and fiber.

Add in your favorite spices and top with hot sauce or sriracha for extra flavor,” she says. It’s a great breakfast bowl recipe that will provide balanced macronutrients. Add in kale for veggies, and feel free to add in eggs or tofu scramble to go with the breakfast sausage and hash combo. Don’t want sweet potato? Swap for a grain, like quinoa.

Clean Plates

Good food brings people together.
So do good emails.

Clean Plates

Good food brings people together.
So do good emails.