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The Clean Plates Team Shares the Podcasts We’re Listening to Nonstop

June 21, 2020

All of us here at Clean Plates love reading, watching and listening to as much as we can around health and wellness—it’s what we do. But even for us, the sheer volume of information can feel like drinking from a firehose.

Podcasts are a great way to stay current with health information–and one of the most crowded spaces in media. (If it seems like everyone and their mom has a podcast, it’s not your imagination; the number of shows has nearly doubled in the last 2 years.)

We thought we’d save you some time wading through the gazillions of podcasts out there by sharing what our team is listening to the most right now. Here are some of our favorites:

Jared Koch, founder/CEO

What I’m listening to: Chris Kresser’s Revolution Health Radio

Chris Kresser is a leader in the functional wellness space, and a real authority in wellness and ancestral health. In his podcast, Chris debunks myths around health that are so pervasive, and he does it with tons of science and evidence. He researches and takes studies apart so thoroughly, often pointing out how a journalist or even another expert read it incorrectly. He doesn’t do it in a “gotcha” kind of way; he’s just so passionate about health and helping people feel better, and getting the best information out there. He has all kinds of interesting guests and also does episodes where he answers listeners’ questions. Everything he talks about is practical and real and relatable, I always come away with doable action steps. His recent episode about sleep with Dr. Matthew Walker was really fascinating–as a dad to two young daughters I don’t always prioritize sleep, but they dug into why it’s so important for health, and that helped get me back on track.

Hali Ramdene, editorial director

What I’m listening to: Found My Fitness

Right now I’m listening to the Found My Fitness Podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick. I appreciate this podcast for being unapologetic about the science—while covering everything from intravenous Vitamin C, to saunas, to longevity. Dr. Patrick has been sharing high quality evidence-based information for a couple of years, and I appreciate her ability to take complex findings and turn them into actionable information without removing the nuance science requires. Listening to her speak about Vitamin D changed my whole perspective on it.

Ray Bass, head of social media

What I’m listening to: The Cabral Concept

There’s an overabundance of information out there about health and nutrition—it can be overwhelming and, in many ways, deceiving. For that reason, I only look to qualified, reliable sources for advice: people who have medical and/or registered dietitian credentials, actively work in their field, and present information based on science and research. For me, that source is Dr. Stephen Cabral, host of The Cabral Concept. A naturopathic, Ayurvedic, and functional medicine doctor, Dr. Cabral’s views on nutrition, lifestyle, and mental health acknowledge both the connection and necessary balance between Eastern and Western medicine and therapies. He covers a wide range of topics, from motivation and mindset, to diet, weight loss, and exercise. Plus, he’s very tuned in to his audience, often dedicating whole episodes to answering questions they’ve brought up. Like his podcast, I find Dr. Cabral to be inspirational, insightful, and above all, trustworthy.

Ciera Velarde, newsletter editor

What I’m listening to: I Love Wellness

To be honest, I started listening to this because I’m a fan of the host Lo Bosworth from her Laguna Beach and The Hills days, but I kept listening because of the relatable, insightful interviews she features with women who are revolutionizing the wellness space. From doctors to fitness experts to CEOs, the guests on Lo’s podcast discuss women’s health and wellness in a very honest and relatable way that makes you feel like you’re chatting with girlfriends over brunch. Some of my favorite guests have been plus-size model Hunter McGrady, founder of the Sculpt Society Megan Roup, and ABC Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton.

Lauren Paige, digital content producer

What I’m listening to: Food Heaven

For a while now I have been really enjoying the Food Heaven Podcast. Registered dietitian nutritionists Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones dive into topics like health at every size, food and culture, intuitive eating, and body acceptance. It’s great to have a safe and educational space to discuss health and wellness topics that aren’t as widely acknowledged. Plus, they are really fun, so each episode feels like hanging out with your best friends.

Beth Lipton, contributing editor

What I’m listening to: The Doctor’s Farmacy

I pretty much never miss Dr. Mark Hyman’s podcast. He’s one of the biggest leaders in functional medicine, and the discussions are always really interesting and educational. He has incredible guests who are at the top of their fields. He does a lot of episodes on food and nutrition, which are always great, and he also covers the problems with our food system, and other aspects of health like sleep, stress, kindness, relationships, and meditation. Dr. Hyman also gives examples of what’s worked with his patients, which I find especially interesting. He recently interviewed Dr. Vivek Murthy, who was the surgeon general in the Obama administration, about the health effects of chronic loneliness, and I think I told every person I know to listen to it. I’d also like to offer a shout out to Muscle Maven Radio, a new podcast by Ashleigh VanHouton, who used to host Paleo Magazine Radio. I loved that podcast (the magazine discontinued it recently), so I was really excited to see that Ashleigh went out on her own. The first episode featured Dr. Anna Cabeca doing a deep dive on hormones, which was fascinating. Really looking forward to more of this podcast.

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