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June 30, 2015
The delicious, peanut- and tree nut-free Sun Cups taste even better frozen (if you can be that patient)!

For Colorado chocolatier David Lurie, a knock on the door proved life changing.

On the other side he encountered a man with a jar of sunflower seed butter in one hand and a challenge in the other: create a treat his severely peanut-allergic son could eat.

David and his team of chocolatiers got down to work, and emerged with Sun Cups ($2 for a pack of 2), a Reese’s-like confection that replaces the usual peanut butter filling with sunflower seed butter, resulting in a gluten-, peanut-, tree nut-, soy-, egg-, coconut- and corn-free product.

The lengths that David’s team has gone to in order to create a 100 percent nut- and gluten-free production and supply chain is impressive, to say the least. “The chocolate manufacturer who grinds and blends our chocolate doesn’t allow any nuts in the same building,” he says. “Our employees can’t bring peanut butter sandwiches to work, and they have “inside shoes” so nothing gets tracked into the shop. Even the sunflower seeds are grown in the upper Midwest, where it’s too cold to support peanuts, so they can’t volunteer in the fields.”

David pays a fair trade premium on the Rainforest Alliance Certified pesticide-free Ecuadorian cacao beans he uses, and the chocolate cups are also Non-GMO Project verified.

In addition to the classic milk chocolate cups, there are caramel, mint and dark chocolate varieties available. Find them at major retailers nationwide including The Fresh Market, Wegman’s and Whole Foods. We’re just happy that the cups come packaged in small packs, reminding us to keep a treat a treat.

Next up for David: a dairy-free Sun Cup.

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