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How to Boost Your Child’s Gut Health

November 15, 2017

You feed your children the healthiest food you can (hey, they tried broccoli once, right?), and give them a multivitamin to fill in the rest. Now take it to the next level with a chewable probiotic specially designed to boost your kiddos’ gut health.

Gut health is all over the news these days, and for good reason: It’s being linked to so many aspects of our health and wellness.

BIOHM’s Children’s Probiotic Supplement is the first to address the critical role of fungi in your child’s gut health. With BIOHM’s new children’s probiotic, you can give your kids a combination of good bacteria and good fungi, plus a powerful enzyme that allows the chewables’ 5 billion live active cultures to maintain, support, and promote the balance of the microbiome in the digestive system. This powerful supplement was created by Dr., Mahmoud Ghannoum, one of the world’s leading experts in medically important fungus and microbiome sequencing.

BIOHM Children's Probiotic

The best part: These chewables are not only tasty, with a kid-friendly fruit flavor, they’re also non-GMO, free from soy, gluten, eggs, sugar and artificial sweeteners, and non-dairy. Plus, they don’t require refrigeration, so they’re easy to take on the go.

Find out more—and get yours—here.

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